DCMI hosts SKOS-Thes, a namespace based on ISO 25964

SKOS-Thes Logo

DCMI is providing a new home for SKOS-Thes, a namespace that extends SKOS on the basis of the ISO 25964 data model.

The ISO 25964 standard, published in 2011, covers all aspects of developing thesauri and setting up mappings across vocabularies to encourage high quality information retrieval across networked resources. The goals of ISO 25964 are similar to those of Simple Knowledge Organization System, SKOS, the W3C standard for sharing and linking Knowledge Organization Systems on the Web. SKOS-Thes was created as a namespace of OWL properties and classes for features of the ISO 25964 data model not covered by SKOS itself. DCMI ishosting the SKOS-Thes namespaceto ensure its long-term availability and maintainability.